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Creating a book cover.

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The cover for the Paladin Code was a challenge from the start. But you just have to put something down on that white space. So after doing to this was the basic concept.

First draft rought sketch

The right part of the image is the front of the cover and the left side is the back of the cover. So very basic colors and placeholders for things such as the title, my name, and the back cover.

I need some more interest in the image that was dull and flat so I added some background color.

Interesting background

I wanted a more solid feel to the doorway so I added the stone texture. I also played with the title on the bottom of the pages. Then I added the light effect for some mystery.

I then played with the background tilting it and modifying the nebula.

For even more mystery I added the circle of words. The words are not just representational. They do say something! Any guesses?

I modified the words and gave them some three-dimensional depth.

I modified the background more and refined the doorway to be more like a gate.

Here is the final product. I moved the title back to the top and added my bio and pic.

Whether you are writing, drawing, or painting the creative process is always a journey. Enjoy your journey and always have fun!

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