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Creating A Map of Veridian

The map of Veridian was probably one of the greatest challenges of creating the book.

I started off with a blank canvas that was blue to represent the oceans of Veridian.

Then the land was painted in to give me oceans, bays, and lakes. Below you can see the great bay where the tourist attraction of Veridian city is located, with its offshore islands.

The land was further refined with more bays and details.

I then added snow-covered mountains to the west. The jungles near the monastery were added with their green mountains. The plateaus where the Paladin Monastery is located were created. As well as the great falls and river that surrounds and protects the ancient keep.

I then added in the forests of Veridian. These include the palm trees of the islands. The forests of the lowlands and the pine forest of the uplands. Far in the west are the mysterious jungles of the Maw.

It was then time to add in the human habitations of Shamble Town. The main bridge and buildings of The Monastery and The Library.

Then I added the gleaming towers of Veridian City. I scattered its towers among the islands where tourists relax and play. To the north is the new spaceport.

Finally, I labeled the locations where all the action takes place in the first book of The Paladin Code - The Monastery.

Here is the final version of the map of Veridian. There will be more additions and changes in the coming months and years as we explore this amazing and vibrant planet.

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