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Paladin Origins

In The Paladin Code, The Monastery you are introduced to the Paladin Order, whose home is the converted castle grounds of the last Emperor.

Within the grandeur of the main house of the grounds stands a statue of the Berranger Emperor that Conner is quick to notice. Ms. Westmoreland credits the last Emperor with the creation of the vast grounds they inhabit and says, "Besides he was the first, " indicating that the last Emperor was the first Paladin.

How could the Emperor be the first of the Paladins, especially if the Paladins are dedicated to protecting and serving the galaxy?

These answers can be found in Heir to Empire (a planned prequel).

Evan is the son of an Emperor and finds himself in exile running from his inheritance and those who want to kill him for it. Evan's father commissioned their priest to go with Evan and offer him protection and guidance where he could not.

Evan's nature is to protect and serve those around him. While on the run, he touches the lives of many people. All of those people, unbeknownst to him, vow to return Evan's generosity and follow in his footsteps as Evan follows the Eternal to claim his destiny. They create a network of dedicated souls that help Evan move through the world while evading assassins.

These men, women, creatures, and aliens become the humble beginnings of The Paladin Order, sworn to protect and serve the Eternal and those around them. They continue to serve Evan until he commissions them to serve the Galaxy as they have served him.

Check out The Paladin Code, The Monastery to see what has become of The Paladins and the Galaxy in the many years since the end of the Emperors.

Also, keep an eye out for the release of Heir to Empire a planned future prequel.

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