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Facing My Imperfection

When I started writing this book, I knew that grammar and spelling was a weakness. "Say what? A writer who has trouble with spelling and with grammar?" But I have always loved reading and movies which lead me to tell stories.

So I did something about it. I religiously used my spell checker and invested in a grammar checker. I had other people read my writing. This book when through seven edit cycles with four different people.

I still am finding mistakes. Time to face the fact that at 380 pages and 134,580 thousand words there are bound to be mistakes. "Hanging head in discouragement and frustration." So the book is imperfect because it was created by an imperfect creator.

What to do?

Try to hide the mistakes? - You can't hide from that.

I know denial! - Nope doesn't work either.

Pretend I don't care? - But I do care. I want to create the best story possible.

Try to see the beauty of imperfection? - That's the one I'm going with.

In the picture above there are all kinds of tears, scars, and imperfections. But those mean that it has gone through life. Look at it though. It is gorgeous. A bright red beacon speaking about a journey made over time.

I think the best course of action is to acknowledge the imperfections and deal with them one by one. As I find my mistakes I will correct them. Then each following reprinting will step towards being the story that I want it to be.

I would ask that you help me in this endeavor. If you see a mistake tell me about it. That was I can look at it and correct it if it's a mistake and not a choice I made as a writer. Contact me: Contact

Thank you.

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